April/May 2008 Issue

• Cancer Awareness Month:Side Effect Becomes Style Statement
• Novel Approach May Spell Safer Gene Therapy
• Give Early-Stage Research A Funding Chance
• Cancer Briefs
• Pioneering Gene Therapy Restores Sight

January/February 2008 Issue

• Remedying Chronic Dry Eye, An Interview with: Robert Latkany, M.D.
• Digi Sbarro Institute Lab Project Opens on Second Life
• Speeding Up Drug Development

December 2007 Issue

• Bio-Medical Research Wired
• Racial Disparities Seen in Chemo Care
• Health Briefs: New Target for Breast Cancer

September/October 2007 Issue

• Claudia Gragnoli: Diabetes
• Health Briefs: Insulin and Immune Disorders
• Related Story: Global Diabetes Unchecked

June 2007 Issue

• Managing Pain
• Treat the Pain First
• Health Briefs: Obesity, Toothpaste and Anxiety
• Shortened Timeline for Anticancer Drug Development

March/April 2007 Issue

• New Ways To Preserve Fertility
• Making the Tough Calls: Arthur Caplan, Ph.D.
• Psycho-Oncology: Comprehensive Cancer Care
• Health Briefs: Cholesterol

February/March 2007 Issue

• New Life for "Junk" DNA
• Tricking the Immune Response
• Health Briefs: Infertility, Nicotine & Dry Eyes

December 2006/January 2007 Issue

• Space Radiation Poses Unknown Risks
• Nanotubes Pass First Hurdle
• Global Diabetes Unchecked
• Sex and the Brain

November 2006 Issue

• New View on African-American Breast Cancer
• The Price of Life: An Italian View
• Health Briefs: Alcohol

October 2006 Issue

• Cancer Death Rates Continue Decline
• Altering Immune Cells May Help Cancer
• Post-Menopausal Weight Gain May Increase Breast Cancer

August/September 2006 Issue

• Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis
• Safety and Cell Phones
• Health Briefs: Diabetes

July/August 2006 Issue

• Cancer Research Round Up
• Life Lessons: Dr. Ignazio Marino
• A Boost for Italian Biomedical Research

June 2006 Issue

• Unraveling Endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma
• Trento Opens Microsoft Centre for Computational and Systems Biology
• Health Briefs: Anger & Alcohol

May 2006 Issue

• International Collaboration Yields Promising Protein for Eye Infections
• New Target for Cancer Therapies
• Virus Turns Cancer Cannibalistic
• A Very Human Robot

April 2006 Issue

• A Global Ripple Effect?
• The Promise of Peptides
• Q & A: Data Sharing on the Avian Flu
• Mechanisms of Endocrine Resistance in Breast Cancer Therapies Reviewed
• Health Briefs: Insurance, Sun Exposure & Calories

March 2006 Issue

• Projected Cancer Deaths Down in U.S.
• Italy’s Emergence in Life Sciences
• Sorting Out Women’s Health News

February 2006 Issue

• Reduced NIH Budget Will Impact Research
• The Leptin Connection: Obesity and Breast Cancer
• Italians Lead EU in Use of Alternative Therapies
• Hope Against Multiple Sclerosis
• A Question for Judge Alito

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